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Voodoo VOD35 Cue

Voodoo VOD35 Cue

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TIP:13mm Laminated . FERRULE: 1" Fiber linen ferrule. SHAFT: 29" hard rock maple, 10 - 12" pro taper with a brass insert. PIN: Piloted 5/16 x 18. COLLAR: Stainless Steel. FOREARM: Black with white cemetery overlay design encased by Voodoo collars. WRAP: Leather midnight wrap. BUTT SLEVE: Black with white shadow and Papa Legba overlay. BUTT PLATE: Stainless steel . BUMPER: Blood pulsing black rubber BUMPVOD. Type of weight bolt: WBACT. Weight Changeable: Yes. Comes with joint protectors: No. Comes with extension: No. Comes with case: No. WARRANTY: Limited

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