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Yukon YUK02 One-Piece Cue - Screw-On Tip

Yukon YUK02 One-Piece Cue - Screw-On Tip

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Item Specifications:

• Tip: 13mm, 5 layered leather screw-on tip
• Ferrule: 1" Fiber linen ferrule with brass screw-in insert
• Shaft: There is no Shaft
• Pin: There is no pin
• Collar: There is no Collar
• Forearm: Season select maple with stained points
• Wrap: Therer is no wrap
• Butt Sleeve: There is no butt sleeve
• Butt Plate: There is no butt plate
• Bumper: Screw-In Bumper BUMPOP
• Type of weight bolt: None
• Weight Changeable: No
• Comes with joint protectors: No
• Comes with extension: No
• Comes with case: No
• Warranty: No Warranty Info Avalible

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